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One Week to Go!

Hmm…What’s this book I see next to Harry Potter?

Book outside pix

Huh…It looks super good. Let’s just see what it’s like…

Inside book pix









Yes, that’s right folks. I have the proof copy in hand, and the box of pre-orders is on its way for the launch party!

Local pre-orders are 20% off until Wednesday (25% for multiple copies)!

Copies bought at the launch will be 10% off.

Reserve your copy below.

Book Launch Party Details (See Below for Pre-Order Links)


1) Location:  2nd and Charles (Confirm HERE)

3525 Ross Clark Circle #300 ♦ Dothan, AL 36303 ♦ 334-712-1341





2) Date: Bookmark 1August 8th (TAX FREE SATURDAY! Confirm HERE)






Bookmark 23) Time: 1:00-5:00 (Confirm HERE)

  •  Book signings from 1:00-5:00

  • Book Launch Event from 4:00-5:00





Daniel and the Sun Sword is now available for PRE-ORDER!


1) If you live in or around Dothan, AL:

A) To purchase one copy, click: Buy Now Button

B) To purchase multiple copies, click: Buy Now Button

Those who are local, please INDICATE where you would like to pick up your order:

♦ The Launch Party on August 8th. (This will be the earliest you can get the book) or…

♦ Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic at 101 Medical Drive, 36303 or…

♦ First Presbyterian Church at 3012 West Main St., 36305.


2) If you live out of the area, click HERE to order on Amazon.

♦DON’T GET CONFUSED: The book will be available in August, but on and on B& you’ll notice that the official “release date” is listed as November 3, 2015. This is due to Mysterious Publishing World Rules. As the name implies, they’re very mysterious. You WILL receive your copy of Daniel and the Sun Sword in August if you order through Amazon.


Daniel and the Sun Sword Stuff…

Daniel and the Sun Sword book trailer

Trailer image for website

Google Earth Tour of Daniel and the Sun Sword Youtube image for Tour




Raylin’s Problem

Raylin and Coricancha smallRaylin is a cynical, no-nonsense, I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it type of girl. As you can imagine, this causes problems when she and the others are pursued by a supernatural Enemy with seemingly limitless power. She is quickly faced with the dilemma of either trusting Daniel’s Heavenly Father for help, or betting everything on her own strength and cleverness.



Daniel’s Problem

 The FatherIn D&SS, Daniel’s life has been anything but perfect…and things go downhill from there. In the midst of some pretty harrowing experiences, he learns he has a Heavenly Father who loves him. As you can imagine, he has a hard time believing that.

If there is a loving God, then why has his life been so horrible?

How can a good and all-powerful God allow suffering?

Throughout history, Godly men and women have written libraries on this subject. I won’t attempt to delve into the intricacies of that question here. Rather, I’ll turn to Daniel as food for thought.



Cover Reveal for Author Ashlee Willis

Mailchimp Image without words

Last year, I interviewed Ashlee Willis, author of The Word Changers. Well, she’s done it again! I’m excited to share the new cover  and summary for her upcoming novella A Wish Made of Glass, which will be released this summer.



Deep in a forest glade, the fey folk dance with Isidore, a young human child. Their kinship is the very fabric of her childhood. When her mother dies and her world darkens with sorrow, Isidore finds her belief in the fey folk wavering.



A Month and a Half-ish Out!

I know, I know. I’ve been REALLY spotty with posts over the last few months. Every spare second has been either wrapping up pre-publication stuff, writing the next book, or planning for the release. Not to mention everything that goes along with  daddy-ing,  husband-ing, and working.


Daniel says no

Anyway, here’s what to expect over the next month:


  1. Final cover reveal.

  2. Instructions for Pre-Ordering…This will either be done through Amazon or through my own website. That’s TBD by my publisher.

  3. Info on the Release Party at Barnes and Noble.

Also, I will be hosting a cover reveal for one of my author friends this coming week, so be on the lookout. She has a new book coming out that looks awesome.


Book Release Party Poll

I featured the picture of our cat because, seriously, everyone loves kittens. But now that you’re here, I’d be much obliged if you could answer three questions for me. You can select up to three answers for each.




A Kid and Teenager’s Guide to Getting Published

Whenever I talk to kids and teenagers about writing, there are usually three questions that come up. How long have you been writing? What made you want to be an author? How do you get published? The first two questions are easy to answer; and let’s face it, people only ask them to be polite. (Since I was 14 and because it’s fun. There, I answered them).

People are really interested in the last one. For an author, to be published means a lot of things. Recognition. Encouragement. Relief. Relief most of all. Relief that all the creativity swirling around in your head, and all the effort it took to craft it into something real, wasn’t for nothing. So on to what matters: how kids and teenagers can get published.

There are loads of contests, websites, and magazines that exist solely to publish those in the K-12 category. Below is a list of my favorites. Just be aware that there are TONS more, which you can find by doing a simple Google search.


1) Stone Soup: This website welcomes submissions by young people up to age 13.
2) Teen Ink: This magazine is written by teens, and it’s a pretty big deal. They’ve been around forever, so check them out no matter what you write. Because they want it.
3) The Claudia Ann Seaman Awards for Young Writers: If you’re in High School, check out this contest for poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.
4) Kids Bookshelf: This site accepts short stories and poems from those 17-years-old and under.
5) Just 4 Kids Magazine: This website accepts submissions from kids and teens to post on their online magazine.
6) Launch Pad Magazine: If you’re ages 6-14, then you can submit your work here.
7) KidsCom: Each week, this site publishes five submissions from kids ages 11 and younger, and 12 and older.
8) KIdsWWwrite: If you’re 16 or younger and like to write stories or poems, check out this website.