Helping Others Through Faith and Fantasy


Daniel Headshot


Book 1

Daniel grew up in the Holy Moses Home for Bleeding Heart Orphans. Over the years, he’s seen so many other kids come and go, he’s stopped making friends. It’s just not worth it anymore.  Now he’s desperate to leave and try life on his own. But even he can’t imagine just how unfriendly (and totally weird) his world is about to get.

Book 2

Fight evil incarnate? Sure. No big deal. Daniel’s been there and got the t-shirt. Now that it’s time for Ben’s quest, Daniel wants to make sure Ben doesn’t make any mistakes or get hurt. And if that means he’s got to take charge to fight Shakti, the evil goddess of Pestilence…well, that’s just the way it’s gotta be. Even if it does tick Ben off.

Ben Final


Ben has the life Daniel always wanted. You know–parents, a nice house, Mp3 players, tricked-out bikes. All the normal kid stuff. But when he decides to help Daniel escape from his adoptive family, he begins to learn the real world is way creepier than he thought.

Raylin Final


Raylin seems to have all the answers when it comes to helping Daniel escape. That is, until the cave she leads the boys to turns out to be a portal to ancient ruins in South America. Even she can’t predict what happens next.

The Father

The Father

Though Daniel has given up on the idea of ever having a perfect family life, apparently the powers that be in the universe didn’t get the memo.  An ancient deity known simply as The Father decides Daniel is perfect “son” material, and adopts him. Which means, of course, that Daniel inherits some crazy, spiritual sword that the forces of evil will do anything to steal, even if it means destroying him in the process. Naturally.

machu_picchu with Demon

The Enemy

Evil Incarnate. Ruler of the Underworld. The Destroyer Of All Who Live.  And the god of……..soup? Eh, it’ll make sense once you read the book. Daniel has no intention of fighting him, but the Enemy doesn’t really care because he’s a jerk like that.


2 responses

  1. Mere Dreamer

    Who created the art you use as illustrations? I find the design in the image you use for the father especially interesting.

    February 27, 2016 at 5:04 am

    • The images of Ben, Daniel, Raylin, and the Enemy were created either by an artist on or incorporated into the cover design of the book by Doug West, the artist my publisher uses to create book covers. The image of the Father was one I purchased myself from a digital art website.

      February 27, 2016 at 11:00 am

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