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Raylin’s Problem

Raylin and Coricancha smallRaylin is a cynical, no-nonsense, I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it type of girl. As you can imagine, this causes problems when she and the others are pursued by a supernatural Enemy with seemingly limitless power. She is quickly faced with the dilemma of either trusting Daniel’s Heavenly Father for help, or betting everything on her own strength and cleverness.

Are any of us willing to trust in God unless we are brought to the end of our own strength?

Last week I wrote briefly on the subject of why God allows suffering and trials. There, I suggested that trials are indispensable in the formation of our character. Without them, we remain self-centered.

Mountain pathwayWe also know trials can bring us to the end of our own godship—that being the exercise of our SELF WILL to order and control our lives as we see fit. But of course, like anything, it’s what we do with the opportunity. Like Raylin, all of us will be faced with multiple trials. Our response to each potentially brings us closer to God or deeper into self and cynicism.


How have your responses to trials brought you closer or farther away from God?


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