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Beyond Ourselves

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Beyond Ourselves

The glass doors slide open and you and your child are met by a tired, old woman. “Welcome to Walmart,” she grunts. You absently smile and walk into the store, drawing your little dear closer as people jostle past you. Where Autumn paraphernalia once hung from the ceiling or lined the impulse-buy shelves, you now see Christmas decorations and flashy toys. Quickening your pace, you make a move towards the pharmacy, but notice resistance. Cringing, you hesitantly glance down and see your child’s eyes fixed on the latest Sofia the First Magical Talking Amulet. With a quick prayer, you tug again. Nothing.

“Can I get that amulet, Mommy?” she asks, letting go of your hand while walking towards the shelf where Sofia’s deceptively innocent grin taunts you from the front of the box, as though saying, “Good luck. She’s mine!”

“Honey, you can’t get that today. Maybe we’ll get it for you for Christmas.”

“Maybe?” Sofia throws back. “This is a limited edition magical talking amulet!”

“But I want it now!”

“We don’t have the money today,” you say quietly. Then with more authority, “Come on, we have to get a lot of things and get home before your dad gets off work.” You grab her hand and begin walking. She follows while craning her neck until the amulet is out of sight.

“This isn’t over,” you imagine Sofia calling to you.

Looking down, you see your daughter frowning in concentration. “But, Grandma gave me five dollars for my birthday last month. Why can’t I use some of that to get the amulet?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” Sofia mocks from the Sofia the First clearance Halloween toothbrush stand you pass on your way to grab some deodorant.

“Because you already used most of that to buy the Sofia the First Columbus Day Go Fish Cards. You only have fifty cents left.”

“Then what about that Sofia glow-in-the-dark chapstick?”

You feel a migraine coming on. “Not today. We’re too busy, and besides it’s…good grief $20 chaptsick?”

“Healthy lips are happy lips! Can you really put a price on your health?” Sofia winks at you and then blows a kiss to your daughter. She doesn’t notice.

“You’re mean.” She begins to tear up and folds her arms.

Certainly she wouldn’t throw another fit. Isn’t she tired out from the three she just threw in Publix? you ask yourself.

“Not when you give her my Sofia the First Super Star Vitamins every morning,” Sofia laughs.

You ignore the throbbing pain in your head and grab your daughter by the arm. “Let’s go, we’ve got to go get some groceries now.”

“But Mom!” she whines, trailing behind you. “I want that chapst…”

For a moment, the sudden silence comes like a wave of relief. But then you realize your fatal mistake when you see Sofia waving at you from the amulet shelf again. Why didn’t I take the long way around the store?

“It wouldn’t have mattered,” Sofia replies happily. “I’m stocked in the toy, hunting, and craft departments too. Also, there’s a surprise waiting for you on the cereal aisle.”

“I want the amulet!” your daughter suddenly shrieks behind you, pulls away from your hand and throws herself on the ground. After making several wriggling motions, she ends up under the amulet shelves.


With everyone watching, your head exploding, and the growing realization that if you don’t give in, you’re very likely to experience what many psychiatrists are now calling Post-Sofia-the-First Psychosis, you grab the amulet and your flailing daughter and proceed to the checkout line.

The groceries can wait, you think, and then begin planning what to tell your husband about supper.

“It’s only food,” Sofia replies in comforting tones. “At least your darling little girl is happy.”


            Let’s be honest with ourselves, even though this is fiction, we’ve all experienced the store tantrum at least once. Kids can be just as materialistic as the rest of us; and, with children becoming some of our biggest consumers…READ MORE.

Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

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Wow! My husband and I couldn’t put this book down. It sure got our hearts pumping! Exciting, surprising, inspiring — but also arresting. It made me stop and think about the realities of God’s purpose for our lives, the very real “battles” we face, and His power & strength available to us in the midst of it all. Rich imagery. So good!
on June 15, 2016

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