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Silver Medalist

Daniel and the Sun Sword brought home a silver medal!

Thanks to everyone who voted.


Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

Cyber Week Sale!

Order a copy of D&SS from my website between now and December 3rd and

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Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

Words of Eternal Life

John 6:68 “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Paul writes in Romans that my destiny as a Christian is to be conformed to the image of Christ—to spend my life allowing the Holy Spirit to bend me, mold me, and shape me until I resemble the Son of God.  I should, in fact, always be aware of some sin or bad habit that God is targeting for change.  Change, however, is hard.  After all, as a culture, we do tend toward cynicism and self-centeredness, both of which inhibit my willingness to die to myself and submit to what God wants.  So, when He begins putting pressure on me to crucify the deeds of the flesh, I have often squirmed my way to the edge of the Holy Spirit’s presence, where the compelling and louder voice of the flesh eases my guilt by excusing, rationalizing, and watering-down my sins.  But when I am honest with myself, I know that God will not settle for this, that He wants total submission and transformation.  Christ’s life made that…READ MORE

DANIELandtheSUNSWORD_2D_books_largeReview D&SS on Amazon!

If you have read Daniel and the Sun Sword (and liked it), please go to my Amazon page and leave a review!


Wow! My husband and I couldn’t put this book down. It sure got our hearts pumping! Exciting, surprising, inspiring — but also arresting. It made me stop and think about the realities of God’s purpose for our lives, the very real “battles” we face, and His power & strength available to us in the midst of it all. Rich imagery. So good!
on June 15, 2016

Book Trailer


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