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So Many Religions, So Little Time

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  • So Many Religions, So Little Time
  • Last week to vote for the sequel’s title: Daniel and the _______
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So Many Religions, So Little Time

In Daniel and the Sun Sword, Daniel is met with competing worldviews: Christianity, Humanism, and Incan Polytheism. He quickly figures out which one is based on truth because of the events of the book. But not everyone gets called to go on a supernatural quest that shatters all doubt in a personal God. So, for those of us slogging through the Shadowlands, how do we know which religion/belief system is true? Beyond personal experience, one might say a truth-seeker would need to determine which belief system best fits the evidence. Since anyone can zip on over to Youtube and start listening to a slew of intellectuals teaching on the matter, I’ll spare you my attempt to explain why I believe and simply link you to a playlist on Youtube of said intellectuals. I’ve arranged these in the following order:

  1. Science
  2. Philosophy
  3. Archaeology
  4. History
  5. Textual Criticism
  6. Miracles

Nathan's playlist


Last week to vote!


 Ordering Info

  1. Amazon should be shipping the books pre-ordered through their website very soon!
  2. When reviews are able to be posted onto Amazon, you can be SURE that I will be letting you all know!
  3. The Ebook will be available on September 28th!
  4. You can still order books through me by using the Paypal links below or on the Homepage of my website. These can be picked up at 1st Pres (Dothan) or Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic.

 To purchase Daniel and the Sun Sword locally

Single Copy: $15.00+tax

Buy Now Button

Multiple copies $13.00 + tax Buy Now Button
Multiple Copies image

If you live out of the area, click HERE to order on Amazon.

♦DON’T GET CONFUSED: The book will ship at the end of September, but on and on B& you’ll notice that the official “release date” is listed as November 3, 2015. This is due to Mysterious Publishing World Rules. As the name implies, they’re very mysterious.


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