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Crucibles of Belief

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Crucibles of Belief

In Daniel and the Sun Sword, Daniel and his friends flee from one trial to another—their decisions bringing them closer to the Father, or closer to the Enemy.

Will Daniel accept Raylin’s help or go off on his own?

Will he accept the quest to find the shards of the Sun Sword or just try to get back to the US?

Will he place faith in the Father or simply rely on himself?

Even outside the realm of fantasy, we face such dilemmas each day. Give into temptation or resist? Blow up in anger Worldviewor exercise patience? Believe this or believe that? Our response to each of these brings us closer to, or further away from, God.

The choice of what to believe—of what to place faith and trust in—is The Most Important Dilemma we face each day. Each choice point is a crucible: a test or trial producing something new in us. In the age of Google and Youtube, we are constantly bombarded by opinions, information, and entertainment, each impacting our choices (and the decisions of our kids) little by little. Below are a few Crucibles of Belief at war within our culture.



Where do you and your kids fall on these continuums?

Absolute Truth  ⇐⇔⇒  Multiple Competing Truths

Destiny and Purpose of Mankind  ⇐⇔⇒  Meaninglessness

Science  ⇐⇔⇒  Scientism

God-inspired Bible  ⇐⇔⇒  Man-inspired Bible

Theism   ⇐⇔⇒  Humanism

Are you becoming more like God or the Enemy?



 Ordering Info

  1. Amazon should be shipping the books pre-ordered through their website very soon!
  2. When reviews are able to be posted onto Amazon, you can be SURE that I will be letting you all know!
  3. The Ebook will be available on September 28th!
  4. You can still order books through me by using the Paypal links below or on the Homepage of my website. These can be picked up at 1st Pres (Dothan) or Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic.

 To purchase Daniel and the Sun Sword locally

Single Copy: $15.00+tax

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Multiple copies $13.00 + tax Buy Now Button
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If you live out of the area, click HERE to order on Amazon.

♦DON’T GET CONFUSED: The book will ship at the end of August or first of September, but on and on B& you’ll notice that the official “release date” is listed as November 3, 2015. This is due to Mysterious Publishing World Rules. As the name implies, they’re very mysterious.


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