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Daniel and the Sun Sword Cover Mock-Up and Editing

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Hello Everyone:

For those of you following my Newsletter, you’ve already seen the image below. For those of you who don’t…

~The first mock-up of the Daniel and the Sun Sword cover was completed recently. Since it’s a mock-up, it doesn’t feature the final images, but it does give you an idea of what the feel will be like. Here’s an obscured sneak peak. Hope you enjoy: (more…)



Baby News, Old News, New News, Future News


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Sorry for being absent for the past month. Baby Daniel has been keeping us on our toes and I’ve time for little else. But that’s as it should be. He’s a SUPER little dude, and I love him.









As some of you know (those who are receiving my Newsletter),  Cover Design Has Begun! It’s been FOUR years since I began writing the Sons and Daughters series (and ELEVEN since I began writing period). Imagine how much I’ve fantasized about what my book would look like on a shelf at a bookstore. That day is almost here and I’m stoked!

The artist has often worked with Ellechor Media in the past. Here’s a screenshot from his website, and I hope you’ll head on over to check out his gallery at


Last weekend I received the first mockups for the cover and THEY LOOKED AWESOME!  (more…)