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super daniel


Sorry for being absent for the past month. Baby Daniel has been keeping us on our toes and I’ve time for little else. But that’s as it should be. He’s a SUPER little dude, and I love him.









As some of you know (those who are receiving my Newsletter),  Cover Design Has Begun! It’s been FOUR years since I began writing the Sons and Daughters series (and ELEVEN since I began writing period). Imagine how much I’ve fantasized about what my book would look like on a shelf at a bookstore. That day is almost here and I’m stoked!

The artist has often worked with Ellechor Media in the past. Here’s a screenshot from his website, and I hope you’ll head on over to check out his gallery at


Last weekend I received the first mockups for the cover and THEY LOOKED AWESOME! If you want to get a few sneak peaks of the cover in the rough, and the first glimpses of the final, sign up for my Newsletter here, or just fill out the contact form below to be added to the list.


Updates Coming Down the Pike
1) Planning for the release party in July 2015
2) Narrowing down websites for my blog tour in 2015.
3) Identifying speaking engagements at school, churches, etc.
4) Planning for interviews with local magazines in August.
5) Working to complete Daniel and the Triune Shield this winter.


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