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The Trees of Eden Nears Its Completion

Good morning and Merry Christmas! It’s been over a year since I’ve posted. 2022 has been busy busy busy. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten in as much writing as I’d hoped.

Nonetheless, Daniel and the Trees of Eden, the fourth and final book in the series is nearly finished, and I hope to have it completed in time to release in early Spring or Summer.


Meanwhile, if you happen to be looking for a perfect Christmas present for your Christian Fantasy-loving kids, look no further. Check out the first three books in the Sons and Daughters series to get them all read-up before the fourth one is released. As usual, you can find them at my website HERE, Amazon, or Downtown Books in Dothan, AL.  


But Nathan, how can I purchase the first three books? I’m glad you asked.

Voilà. Click on the image below for Amazon ordering.

ORDER HERE For Signed Copies



Sons and Daughters Trailers


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