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Book Release Date / Cast Your Vote for Release Party Specifics

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  • Book Release Date / Cast Your Vote for Release Party Specifics
  • Photo Puzzler # 4 
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Book Release Date

The release for Daniel and the Triune Quest has been pushed to July. Editing is finished! Interior layout and cover design is underway.

My hope is to have the release party at Barnes and Noble this time; but there are a lot of moving parts so…we’ll see.

I’d like to get some feedback as I plan for the event, though. Within the past month, I’ve been approached by numerous people interested in writing a book and getting published, so I’m thinking about having part of the release party focus on that. Please indicate your thoughts on this, and a few other specifics, by voting in the poll below.



Where Are These Photos Taken? Puzzler #4

Thanks to one reader for correctly identifying that the ruins from the past Photo Puzzlers have been in India. NOW…can anyone discover their names and the town they are all located in?

Anyone know where these ruins are located?

I’ll give you a hint: they are all near a famous (and ancient) military fort somewhere in western India.

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Review D&SS on Amazon!

If you have read Daniel and the Sun Sword (and liked it), please go to my Amazon page and leave a review!


Wow! My husband and I couldn’t put this book down. It sure got our hearts pumping! Exciting, surprising, inspiring — but also arresting. It made me stop and think about the realities of God’s purpose for our lives, the very real “battles” we face, and His power & strength available to us in the midst of it all. Rich imagery. So good!
on June 15, 2016
Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

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Book Trailer


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