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BOLO For Release Party Info / Photo Puzzler #3

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  • RELEASE PARTY for Daniel and the Triune Quest: BOLO!
  • Photo Puzzler # 3 
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BOLO for the DTQ Release Party!

Information on the release party for Daniel and the Triune Quest will be coming soon.

Gator says, “Come. Or I’ll pound your face.”

I imagine she means it.

Where Is This Photo Taken? Puzzler #3

The backdrop for Daniel and the Triune Quest is somewhere far far away. Here are some more pictorial clues.

Anyone know where these ruins are located?

I’ll give you a hint: they are all near a famous (and ancient) military fort somewhere in the East.

I’ll give more photo clues soon…

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Review D&SS on Amazon!

If you have read Daniel and the Sun Sword (and liked it), please go to my Amazon page and leave a review!


Wow! My husband and I couldn’t put this book down. It sure got our hearts pumping! Exciting, surprising, inspiring — but also arresting. It made me stop and think about the realities of God’s purpose for our lives, the very real “battles” we face, and His power & strength available to us in the midst of it all. Rich imagery. So good!
on June 15, 2016
Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

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