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Finalist for Cover Contest and New Articles

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 D&SS is a Finalist in the AuthorsDB Cover Contest!

Daniel and the Sun Sword is a FINALIST in the AuthorsDB cover contest. Thanks to everyone who voted.


Another round of voting opens on November 15th to determine the overall winner. You’ll be hearing from me again soon…


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Unsolicited Advice

Several years ago, I wrote bi-monthly articles for a local magazine’s Good Advice column. I’ve now begun posting these in a new place on my website under a drop-down menu entitled Unsolicited Advice.


I currently have two posted, and plan on posting a new one every two weeks. Here are brief excerpts with links for the first two. Enjoy!

But Be of Good Cheer

Almost everyone I talk to lately seems to be going through something difficult. My grandmother is in failing health and struggles to adapt to life in a nursing home. Relatives watch as a loved one makes poor life decisions. Others struggle with debt and difficult situations with work. My 25-year-old friend suffers from a calcified brain tumor that impairs his vision, balance, and causes nausea every day. There can be no doubt about it, we live in a fallen world and people around us have problems. Jesus even predicts this in John 16 when he says that, “In the world you shall have much tribulation…” His words do not end there, however, and in half the sentence following, he speaks the calming words, “…but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” These are easy words to say, but how can we effectively encourage those around us who are in the midst physical or emotional pain to “be of good cheer”? After talking with several friends and family members, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts about encouraging those who are struggling. READ MORE…

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I Don’t Feel Like Loving You…

The honeymoon phase of relationships is wonderful. People usually prioritize the time spent with their loved one, become other centered, self-sacrificing, gentle, and quick to forgive. Even in friendships we see a phase similar to this, wherein each person or couple, caught up in the joy of becoming acquainted with a new and exciting person, finds it easy to put others first. We feel hopeful about the future, and our lives seem filled up with activity and satisfaction.

Loving others who show love to us is easy and fun; it’s like a good business investment with the promise of a good return. But how long do honeymoons last? A week? A month? Maybe even a couple years? It’s only a matter of time, however, until something happens. READ MORE…

Double Sun Swords Transparent 2

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