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“Ancient Astronaut Theorists Suggest…You Buy My Book”

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Ancient Astronaut Theorists Suggest…

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the Ancient Aliens show on the History Channel. It’s both hilarious and interesting. It’s hilarious because of the crazy guy with the weird hair, the number of times the phrase “As many ancient astronaut theorists suggest…” is said in each episode, and all the speculation. The interesting part comes in because the show’s popularity reflects the opinions of most Americans, which, according to a 2012 National Geographic survey, is that 77% believe there are signs that aliens have visited earth.


But what I’m most fascinated by is how frequently the show uses the alien hypothesis to explain away spiritual beliefs. “No, no. Not gods. Just extremely intelligent, insanely powerful, hyper-dimensional beings who planted you here on this earth and then disappeared and who may or may not come back to destroy you…or help you advance as a species.”

It seems to me that in our era of scientism, such an explanation is sufficiently naturalistic, while still appealing to the universal human fascination for what we don’t understand, while allowing us to avoid any personal responsibility to the divine. Once the supernatural is redefined as simply “super-advanced,” then it’s okay to avoid it, disobey it, fight it.

As I’ve said in Daniel and the Sun Sword, it would stand to reason that the similarities between the major mythologies of the world would indicate that they reflect some element of truth. For the Christian, that truth is mankind’s painful journey away from God, God’s plan to redeem us, and a judgment on evil.

Which is why ancient astronaut theorists suggest you buy my book at a 25% discount! See below for details.

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Wow! My husband and I couldn’t put this book down. It sure got our hearts pumping! Exciting, surprising, inspiring — but also arresting. It made me stop and think about the realities of God’s purpose for our lives, the very real “battles” we face, and His power & strength available to us in the midst of it all. Rich imagery. So good!
on June 15, 2016

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