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God Is in Those Moments

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♦ God Is in Those Moments ♦

It’s easy to read about scary, fearful, or intense things. Sometimes it’s actually entertaining. Some of us even prefer books that are frightening (Stephen King; Dean Koontz). Even if we’re not reading suspense or horror per se, the characters in almost all plots will experience fear and anxiety.

But why do we enjoy it? Heck, how many of us spend our days protecting ourselves and our families against accidents, pain, loss, failure, and death, only to then willingly immerse ourselves into a fictional plot via book or TV which contains those same things?

Rock of salvation

It’s because of what comes after. Resolution, peace, safety. If you think about it, that’s the truly entertaining part—the moment when salvation arrives, the tide turns, the hero shows up, and evil is thwarted. This resonates with all of us because, regardless of what we say we believe, on a cellular level, we are wired to expect God to work out all things.

Over the next few weeks, look for His hand to “turn the tide.”

Notice the stories playing out in front of you everyday, and don’t forget to

pay attention to the part where help arrives.

God is in those moments.

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Written a Book? Submit a Query for Critique!

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Got a dusty manuscript somewhere that’s dying to be published?

Writing a query letter but need some direction?

Well, come on down to Red House Books on June 11th from 11:00-1:00 to get some tips on how to see your book through from start to finish. The first twenty to submit query letters* will receive a critique!

Copies of Daniel and the Sun Sword will be available through the bookstore, so click here for the Facebook Event page where you can RSVP. You can also do so by calling (334)-792-1475.

*Submissions can be sent to and will be given back to authors in person on the day of the book signing and publishing presentation.

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Authors DB

Also, for those who haven’t voted yet, please please please don’t forget to vote on D&SS’s cover in the AuthorsDB Cover Contest. And remember, you actually have to “VOTE,” you can’t just click the Facebook “LIKE” button.

Click on the image below to be taken to the site:


DANIELandtheSUNSWORD_2D_books_largeAmazon Is Open For Reviews!

If you have read Daniel and the Sun Sword (and liked it), please go to my Amazon page and leave a review!


This tale’s a wild ride with spiritual warfare, monsters, demons, action, adventure, coming of age, orphans, adoption, abuse, and the kitchen sink. This is Raiders of the Lost Ark in Machu Picchu. It’s action/adventure way over the top—great fun.

David Bergsland, 5-star review

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