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The Fiercest Fight Blog Tour with Brent King

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The Fiercest Fight: Author Interview

Today, I’m happy to interview my friend, Brent King, as he plods along the cyber world on his blog tour to promote his new book, The Fiercest Fight. Links for ordering the book are immediately following the interview, as is a contest to win a free copy of his book! Don’t forget to enter!

The Fiercest Fight

In the sleepy town of Astor Crossing, something evil stirs… Have you ever battled a beast? If so, you are not alone. Meet Tristan, a troubled teen who longs for a normal life, the very life that eludes him. When horror beyond his wildest nightmares confronts him, does Tristan have what it takes to survive? It will take all his resources—his wits, his mentors, and his will—to find the wisdom and resolve to win the fiercest fight of his life.

Thanks, Brent, for stopping by. Tell us a little about your book’s story line.

On the surface it’s about a couple teens that stumble upon a werewolf curse. Beneath the surface it’s about how to deal with the beast within.

So, what about your main character, Tristan? What makes him so special?

Tristan isn’t particularly special. He reacts to trouble as I suppose most teenagers would. Yet he is special too—like all teens. He has talents and the same heroic stuff hidden deep inside that you’ll find in most of our youth. Awakening that stuff is the problem.

The inner struggle of the antagonist is often emphasized in books and movies these days. Is that true with your villain? Is there any good in him?

At first I didn’t think so. Yet, as the story progressed, I grew to wonder whether I should hate him or pity him. We are all villains on some level. Consequently, we can learn a lot from them.

Which writers inspire you? Which authors do you admire and why?

Oh my! The list is too long, but it didn’t use to be. When I was young, the authors of the Bible gave me plenty of inspiration for my imagination (they still do). Since then, authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Peter Kreeft, John Eldredge, and Neil Gaiman have added to the vision. Any author that brings me to thoughts I’ve never considered before is a great author.

Are you working on any other books?

I’m well into the rough draft for the sequel to The Fiercest Fight (Wounds of a Werewolf), and almost finished with Fire Cloak, the first novel in a new trilogy about a young boy and his disabled grandfather who find magic cloaks that take them to another world.

Beyond that, I’m working on a post-apocalyptic romance along the lines of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It will be a theological thriller on how the lost are saved. I like monster tales!

Exciting! Thanks for giving us a peak into your literary world!

Click the icon below for a chance to win The Fiercest Fight!
The Fiercest Fight

To find out more about Brent King and his books, you can find him at:





Brent King is a freelance writer of Christian fantasy and historical fiction from Lake Oswego, Oregon. Brent is a musician, a waterman, and has two sons, 20 and 23, who live in British Columbia, Canada. Brent’s first book, The Grip of Grace: God’s Hand in The Lord of the Rings, was published in January, 2014.

Brent King


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