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Mikelyn Bolden Dishes About Her New Book

Fellow Dothan author, Mikelyn Bolden, just released Flight To Facilis, the second book in The Waiz Chronicles. MIkelyn talking

So I asked her to come give us a little insight into why she has to be so sickeningly industrious as to write ANOTHER book, have a baby, travel the world, and still maintain her sanity. Amazingly, she stuck around to answer the questions anyway.

BUT FIRST…Newsletter image

Now, on to Flight!


Summary: Joel’s achieved the impossible. He’s escaped from The Temple of Differe School, twice. His actions are seen as a scandalous crime in Differe, but on his second flight he discovers a city in the West End has the power to pardon his offense. He can be free of the headmaster forever . . . if only he can get there.

Disguised as a temple guard, Joel races to the capital city of Facilis with a band of rogue Differian soldiers. The group wreaks havoc along the way, as Joel learns Differe’s power stretches well beyond its borders and is controlling many of the villages in the West End.

As he nears Facilis, he begins to realize his quest for freedom will impact more than himself. That is, until the city falls under siege to Differe, and he gets caught. (more…)