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The Mythology of Daniel and the Triune Quest

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The Mythology of Daniel and the Triune Quest

Moving from the relatively straightforward Peruvian mythology as the backdrop for Daniel and the Sun Sword to the overwhelmingly complex Indian mythology as the context for Daniel and the Triune Quest was, well, overwhelming.  As anyone studying Indian mythology knows, there are no definitive answers.

~Straightforward answers are all illusion~

What’s the Indian god of war you may ask?


Fun at the Christian Fiction Review

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Guest Post at the Christian Fiction Review

This morning, I have the pleasure of guest-posting over at Peter Younghusband’s Christian Fiction Review. Click on the image below to check out the post on Christianity and Mythology.


DANIELandtheSUNSWORD_2D_books_largeDANIELandtheSUNSWORD_2D_books_largeAmazon Is Open For Reviews!

If you have read Daniel and the Sun Sword (and liked it), please go to my Amazon page and leave a review!


This tale’s a wild ride with spiritual warfare, monsters, demons, action, adventure, coming of age, orphans, adoption, abuse, and the kitchen sink. This is Raiders of the Lost Ark in Machu Picchu. It’s action/adventure way over the top—great fun.

David Bergsland, 5-star review

Things to Come…

What’s next? Come see me at the Author Showcase at the Houston Love Memorial Library on November 22nd. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Do Legends Contain Truth?

Last year I wrote a post explaining that Christian Fantasy (Speculative Fiction) begins by presuming the basics of a Christian worldview and then asking “What if?“. One of the central What if’s of Daniel and the Sun Sword (D&SS), and the Sons and Daughters series as a whole, has to do with the origins of worldwide mythologies: What if every culture’s myths grew out of man’s fallen memory of the one true God and his plan for redemption? No doubt many believe as much, but the fun starts when you try to untangle how those legends developed. (more…)